About Our Marketing Services

Our approach tests every element of your customers’ experience, delivering optimal interactions at every touchpoint.

We create and execute growth and operational strategies that acquire new customers while generating revenues from existing customers. What sets us apart from other marketing agencies is our ability to drive growth for businesses with search engine marketing, web optimization and marketing campaign development and execution. 


Failing to implement a sound strategic plan is tantamount to building a house without a blueprint.

Ascension Technologies offers results-oriented strategic services that enhance the effectiveness of your programs to help meet business objectives. We have in-depth experience developing and implementing programs across a wide range of industries in both the B2B and B2C sectors. This broad-based knowledge, together with an understanding of industry best practices, brings a dynamic new perspective to the strategic planning process.

We will assist in developing a strategic plan that addresses the unique challenges our clients face within their industry. This high-level view will serve as the infrastructure for tactical plans that drill down into the details of program implementation. With expertise in the delivery of marketing programs that generate results, we will deliver program timelines, milestones, budgets and measurement criteria across all channels and segments.  


Right Message to the Right Audience at the Right Time is Critical to Growth

We believe in optimizing customer relationships and to do that effectively, we build a dialogue with customers; a dialogue that motivates them to act. This requires us to build stronger, deeper and more profitable relationships with customers, while delivering a measurable return on every marketing dollar spent.

Direct and Digital Marketing are the core competencies of Ascension Technologies and one of the cornerstones of our services. We have years of in-depth experience developing and implementing direct and digital strategies and campaigns that successfully acquire, onboard new and retain existing customers.

Why? Because we understand that direct and digital marketing is all about delivering results and measuring return. We effectively apply this expertise to the art and science of developing communications that grab attention, differentiate, create unique value and generate return on your investment.


Creating growth begins with understanding your customers

The foundation of effective marketing is knowing the who, what, where and how about your customers. Although, every customer is different, there are basic ways to organize customers into groups with similar needs, likes, dislikes and behaviors-

  • Which cities or states do customers live?
  • What is the average age of customers?
  • Who is your ideal customer? And How do we find more of them?
  • How do customers find you – Through a website? Brochures? Sales People? 
  • Which customers are profitable, and which are not?

Why do businesses segment their customers? The answer is quite simple, customers respond to it. Customers like to be remembered. So, unless you have a product or service that absolutely everyone must have you are probably already segmenting customers in some way, even if it’s just based on instinct. 

At Ascension Technologies, we take segmentation to the next level, using more precise, effective solutions to build a segmentation strategy that identifies the best customer segments for marketing. 


Multi-channel marketing isn’t new but with new channels emerging we need to apply fresh thinking to old strategies

Ascension Technologies is totally committed to the goal of ensuring that marketing dollars go further and work smarter. To meet this challenge, we manage communication channels in lockstep to meet business objectives. Rather than focus on the tactical implementation of a series of disparate, ad hoc marketing plans, Ascension Technologies will develop a full spectrum of marketing initiatives based on the idea that "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts".

With expertise in Direct and Digital Marketing, we leverage the strengths of each discipline to deliver consistent, cohesive programs to the target audiences. The following are examples of the types of issues our team will address on your behalf:

  •   Is the website just a billboard or an integral part of the marketing mix?
  •   Is the website optimized to get the most traffic?
  •   Is the audience reached using the right channel, at the right time with the right message?
  •   Is the right amount of money being spent on the right segments within the target market?
  •   Are the email communications nothing more than digital mail pieces?

The truth is optimization isn’t hard, it takes time, effort and understanding how and where customers are.

Ascension Technologies generates incredible results for our clients by moving their web sites to the top of the search engines. We apply several disciplines to achieve this; we leverage sponsored content, paid advertising, key word management and use a variety of tools to optimize our clients’ sites. 

Over the years, we’ve learned that a common misconception that many business owners have is to believe that once they put up a website, people will buy. It takes a robust SEO strategy to push websites to the top of the search engines.  


Technology has made even the most sophisticated database techniques available to the small business owner

Data Science means different things to different people. At Ascension Technologies using data to make informed decisions is critical to our success, it’s the simple concept of leveraging the data of your existing customers to cross-sell additional products and services deepen customer relationships and reduce customer attrition and identify untapped pockets of new customers.   

Data Science should be the heart of your marketing strategy, particularly if you have an established business. Many businesses seem to think that using data to make decisions is too costly or beyond their reach, but there are many technology solutions available for businesses of every size. At Ascension Technologies, we have a full staff of experienced data scientists capable of creating everything from complex predictive models to customer segmentation strategy and everything in between.

Why Ascension Technologies

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality consultancy services that are purpose-built and designed to add value. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their strategic objectives and reach their full potential.

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