Analytics & Decision Making

About Our Analytics & Decision Making Services

We empower business leaders to unlock the possibilities that lie within your data. At Ascension Technologies LLC, we take a holistic approach to data strategy. A comprehensive approach requires a deep understanding of people, process, technology. This holistic approach will help create a cohesive strategy that uses data driven decisioning.


Leveraging your data to make decisions needs to be presented in a way that is actionable, readable and relevant to your business. Ascension Technologies LLC is skilled in extracting and compiling complex data into useable data sets. From that we can develop and automate reports for business end users using data visualization tools to quickly highlight and identity areas of focus.


We design, build, and deploy custom solutions that leverage innovative analytics techniques to move your organization towards its' goals faster than ever before. We build new data pipelines that build data feeds to create an information highway, enabling you to understand the value of your data.


We will help you to develop the right strategy for your organization, depending on where you would like to see your organization at, enlighten by the industry’s trends and the optimized capacity of your organization. Strategy optimization stage includes business analysis to identify drivers and dependencies of business profitability, creating data model to accurately measure effectiveness of business strategies, creating and implement test design to optimize business strategy.


We use historic data to forecast future cashflow to create optimized growth strategies and create financial models contemplating interactive variables in order to run “What if” scenarios and determine the business plan.


In today’s ever-changing world, no organization can afford to overlook business risks. Risks could come from the competitors’ power, customer’s changing preferences, from the vendors, from the unsupportive stakeholders, from the emerging technologies, from the uncertainty at the projects’ context, from the required operational changes, or simply from the changing market.

We will support your organization in managing risks at the strategic level, at the project level, and at the process level. Our ultimate goal is to protect your business by capturing, assessing, controlling, and managing these risks and turn them to work for your growth and optimization.

Why Ascension Technologies

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality consultancy services that are purpose-built and designed to add value. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their strategic objectives and reach their full potential.

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